Importance Of Diary Keeping

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Collective diary keeping. This form of diary keeping involves a collaboration by a group of teachers in writing journals (Richards, 1995; Xu, 2009). Collaborative diary keeping has been found to be instrumental in developing a critical reflection on teaching (Xu, 2009). Studies conducted on collaborative diary keeping have associated the same practice with several benefits to self-development among second language teachers (Orem, 2001; Richards, 1995; Xu, 2009). Firstly, the awareness of classroom process and a deep consideration of the same process was improved significantly. Secondly, the collective diary keeping facilitated encouragement and support among the second language teachers. Thirdly, it provided an avenue for attaining new teaching ideas and suggestions. Fourthly, an opportunity to observe one another’s teaching was also provided (Orem, 2001; Richards, 1995; Xu, 2009). Through reading of others’ entries in the diary, sharing of teaching experiences was facilitated and further learning from others’ entries was also propagated (Orem, 2001; Xu, 2009). In addition, the responses to and readings of the entries led teachers…show more content…
Action research is described as any systematic inquiry carried out by teachers to collect information about how they teach, how their institutions operate, and how well students learn in the same institutions (Gore & Zeichner, 1991). The aims of gathering such information involves effecting positive change both in educational practice and in the school environment, enhancing reflective practice, and improving student outcome in learning (Gore & Zeichner, 1991; Leitch & Day, 2000). Teachers need to have knowledge about what learners are thinking, what actually occurs in classroom, what aspects of the classroom requires focus and concentration in order to develop effective teaching, and how change should be facilitated as well as the impacts of such change to learners (Farrell, 2015; Leitch & Day, 2000; Sadeghi,
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