The Importance Of Engaging In Critical Reflection In The Classroom

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Brookfield strongly believes that teachers should engage in critical reflection and as a result he suggests six reasons why it is important for teachers to adopt this practice. Teachers should engage in critical reflection because it helps to avoid self-laceration, it helps us to develop a rationale for practice, it helps to take informed actions, it grounds us emotionally, it enlivens our classrooms, and it increases democratic trust. Based on these six suggestions made by Brookfield I believe that to some extent critical reflections among teachers is being practiced in the educational institution that I am affiliated with. This is evident where team teaching and cooperative learning is being done which is a reflective practice and according to Brookfield will help to eliminate the culture of individualism, Teachers share best practices which help to increase democratic trust and grounds us emotionally. After learning about the importance of encouraging critical reflection among teachers, some…show more content…
Learning journals are written materials that record your own learning and can be an exclusive document that cannot be right or wrong. It allows learners to record, structure, plans and develop their own learning. These journals may be done on a regular basis and must be done honestly by asking yourself questions such as: Have I achieved anything? If so what? What progress have I made? How can I use this to plan for the future? Hence, by introducing this practice of using learning journals at my school it will create a culture of change because research has proven that reflection changes people. Some of the changes associated with reflection are: it changes you from an intolerant person to a tolerant person, you change from accepting to questioning, and instead of being descriptive you are

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