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How Our Social Identities Impact our Performance in the Classroom Education 315 Amada Castillo New Mexico State University Throughout the past few semesters at New Mexico State University, I have been exposed to concepts that I had not really given much though to in the past. The more classes I take in preparation for the teaching license program, the more I find myself reflecting upon how my own upbringing and education will impact my performance as a teacher. So far in this class we have explored concepts such as stock stories and the general theory of multicultural education. The concept of our own personal social identities is a common thread throughout the two previously mentioned topics. As…show more content…
In the process, I have done quite a bit of self-reflection on my weaknesses and my strengths with the ultimate goal of becoming the best teacher I could possible become. I have realized that while I have a much greater understanding about how my social identities will impact my teaching, I still have a long way to go before I am satisfied with my understanding. I look forward to learning more about how I can use my social identities as an asset rather than an obstacle in my future classroom. I realize that in order to achieve this, I must commit myself to a set of core values. The values that I have chosen are: professionalism, diversity, collaboration and community and critically reflective…show more content…
Last year I made great efforts to establish a community between the students in my classroom with the students in the classrooms in Mexico and South America. I also attempted to create a sense of collaboration and community between my students and the rest of their peers at school. Last year we ran an environmental and a peer-counseling club after school, and organized bi-weekly school wide events to promote a sense of community. Of course, this would not have been at all possible if we had not first established this same sense of community in our classroom. It took quite a bit of effort but we were eventually able to get to the point where we respected each other and our opinions. This was very difficult to accomplish in the beginning, but through the use of different team building strategies and constant and open communication, we were able to get close to the point we were shooting for. However, we decided we were not going to stop there as we observed some areas in which we definitely needed to grow and improve. The most important of which was having proper involvement on the part of the students’ families. Despite my best attempts, in my limited time at the position I could not truly find an effective way to get most families involved in their students’ educational process. Over the next couple of years, I am hoping to keep learning about new and different approaches to get them involved,

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