Reflection On Child Development

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In class, it was shown how particular developmental concepts and/or milestones influenced psychological, behavioral, and biological growth in ourselves and others. My developmental journey could be characterized by my family relationships, my parents’ divorce and my father’s passing, and age milestones theorized by Erikson, Piaget, and others. After applying these concepts to my life, I was able to have a greater understanding of my identity, doubts, methods in which I was raised, and ultimately myself. In this essay, I will be exploring the developmental concepts that have most influenced my development, as I understand it. I grew up in a small town in California, in the back bay of the east Bay Area. Martinez is an industrial city, originally built for families working at the refinery—a…show more content…
My freshman year in college, I learned fairly quickly that I did not want to be a marriage family therapist. I took an interest in childhood development, which has remained a focus in my institutional journey, but did not want to go into social work. Penultimately, after a peaked interest in true crime, I thought going into a forensic field might be a good fit. I declared my minor in criminology, when I transferred to Portland State, and have been very satisfied with the criminal justice program, here. I learned I absolutely do not want to be a forensic psychologist, but I do want to work in a field relating to crime and community development. Finally, I hope to get my masters in public health, and work to design/provide prevention, rehabilitation, and community-involvement programs for at-risk youth. My goal, considering mass incarceration is our country’s greatest epidemic, is to educate and provide support to those children lacking clear role models and a life vision, outside a world clouded with heartache and, most often,
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