Adopting The Hurt Child Chapter Summaries

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Book Title: Adopting The Hurt Child Authors: Gregory C. Keck, PhD, and Regina M. Kupecky, LSW Publishing Year: 1995 General Description: This book talks about the overview of some of the common issues facing children and families involved in the adoption of hurt children, It also brings life to grim truths that the hurt children can be healed and brought back to life with the help of the adoptive and foster parents whose lives intersects with theirs. Chapter 1: The Child Who Waits - It talks about how the abandoned children feel such extreme anger to their birth parents and because of that they wait for someone who will truly love them by means of adoption. Chapter 2: The Child with Attachment Difficulties - Some children experience physical or sexual abuse by their birth parents before…show more content…
Chapter 4: The Toll of Impermanence - Out of the problem of abuse, the child must find a permanent home which he can call a home and can heal his heart from the agony of the past. So lack of permanent shelter can affect his growth and development. Chapter 5: Putting Together a Family - Once a child has been legally freed for adoption, the child is now ready in finding his new family which he is more comfortable and more suitable to his personality. Chapter 6: Dreams and Realities - It tells about the preparations of the adoptive parents for their new adopted child for they know that a child will be the answer to their dreams by building such good character on it. Chapter 7: Intercountry Adoptions - Due to the advancement of the modern communications, Intercountry Adoptions have been occurring for many years, which allow the adoptive parent to adopt a child from a different

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