Essay On Transport Development

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Transport development is crucial to rural citizens. This is because transport can assist them to carry sufficient goods from place to place. This can bring convenient to them and also create job to rural citizens especially for seller. In addition, agriculture products like fresh vegetables and fruits can transfer from rural areas to city’s market. This can lead rural citizens have a good economy or financial conditions. Income-generating-opportunities are open up for rural citizen. Economic development in rural areas also will keep improving because of transport development. They can export and import goods in more effective and efficient way. Image 1 shown transport development in rural structure. Other than that, education level will increase as well. This is because transport development like public bus, car, and motorcycle are sufficient for rural children to go to school for learning. There is very important for having education to children for reduce the poverty. Furthermore, for rural students that need to further their studies like need to go secondary school or college which is far from their homes which are in rural areas, they need transport to travel for a long distance. For primary school students, they generally walk to school or go by poor transportation system. Therefore, transport…show more content…
There is very important to decrease the cases of perinatal maternal and infant mortality in rural areas. In addition, pregnant women need means of transportations for giving childbirth. The risk of infant mortality is about 36 times higher in developing countries than for those in industrialised countries. Therefore, with transport, rural citizens can go hospital in shorter time when emergency happen. Another example is if rural citizens feeling unwell, they can go clinic in more convenience way. For solve the urgent case, simple means of transportation should be provided for pregnant women and also
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