Ignorance In Life

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Ignorance is no more a bliss. The growing awareness that a successful Pharmaceutical distribution relies on good system design and good management is a vital factor in the battle to maintain sales and remain commercially viable in the fast growing and changing market. The world has become globalized and advanced with the changing demands and needs of the people. Developing technology, interest and enthusiasm among the peoples have made the situation more competitive and interesting. Chances and choice which I think are two major parameter of representing oneself. One should grab the opportunity or chance of making the choice realistic and happening. It was like my dream come true…show more content…
I was born on April 7, 1993. I come from a rather diligent background and had long learned that there are no shortcuts to success. Handwork,dedication and determination were my best friends and I constantly worked to achieve the best in my academics. I would like to present my past performances as my credentials for success in future endeavors.My Schooling provided me with much needed information for a scientific approach in life. I scored distinction on 10th grade (School Leaving Certificate) from Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute. This result filled me with more confidence and left me with a predilection for academics. Fighting off tough competition and being ranked among the top 5% of thousands of candidate, I managed to secure a seat with merit based scholarship for Bachelor of Pharmacy in Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University which is the best college for medicine and paramedical studies in my country Nepal. My pursuit for excellence has led me to consistently rank among the top three of my…show more content…
In a country like Nepal changing your Major from Pharmacy to Management is a great deal however for me this is not a big issue because I believe where there is will, there is way. I have become particularly swayed by the concept of Organizational Management- Planning, Organizing, Motivating, Controlling is the key to achieve the objectives-imparted to me by Prof. Dr. Bal Mukunda Regmi. I am quite eager to link a connection between Pharma field and Organizational Management. My passion for the subject increased when I worked as Quality Assurance Officer in one of the leading Multinational Pharmaceutical distributor Yeti Pharmachem Distributors Pvt. Ltd where I learned Organization management is the backbone to every successful business. Without proper management it is almost impossible for any type of business to survive especially in the economic crisis that surrounds us today. Health sector is still a far-fetched cry in a developing country like Nepal. I have always been fascinated by the way in which an organizational structure can effects its performance, particularly when it comes to assembling its key assests. An effective Organization whether be it Pharmaceutical distribution, Hospital, School or a Bank it relies on good system design and good management. Thus this has really encouraged me to pursue my further education in Organizational management

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