The Importance Of Learning

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Learning is a step by step, progressive and most vital activity where individuals build, develop and improve knowledge.” Learning is not consumption, it is knowledge production” (Day, 2004, p 105). Learning is a lifelong process that makes human species different from other species on earth. According to John Locke, human mind at birth is a blank slate, tabula rasa. People learn differently, at different times and circumstances, so I believe children learn through observation and imitation, which are natural processes. Adults should create an environment which will enable them to explore, reason manipulate and experience the world around them. A child’s mind is developed by social interaction, language and appropriate nurturing by parents,…show more content…
The child observes adults walking and moving around at faster pace than him, this will evoke excitement in him to learn to walk. In the beginning an adult will have to scaffold him slowly to make his first few steps, he will experience each of his falls but learn to walk finally. This is experiential learning (Kolb,1984), learning that emphasizes on absolute sense to know how, often augmented by reflection. Hence the new learning based on experience becomes more concrete, comprehensive and inherent, combining perception, experience, cognition, reflection and behavior (Kolb, 2015, p 300,301) People often construct new insights of learning from their existing or prior knowledge and skills. Students during the initial stage learn alphabets, then simple words therefore progress forth to make sentences (Bruner,1960) Learning skills or tasks which are challenging for a learner can be possible through scaffolding or modelling by a facilitator and once the student masters the task, he/she will be able to perform it independently without the scaffold. This is the principle of Zone of Proximal Development, ZPD (Vygotsky,…show more content…
Learner motivation should be encouraged by teachers, as learners can be motivated by the statements and behavior of their teachers which will enhance learning to progress positively. Knowledge is not just gathered from books alone, I feel facilitators should create a class conducive for cooperative and collaborative learning which would work wonders in achieving the expected aims and objectives for the concerned levels of students and also in developing communication skills, critical thinking, creativity and setting a mind and a heart to assist their peers (low

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