Sociometric/Peer Group Status Report

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4th reflection due October 7 – your child should be at 10 years 11 months before class Q. What do you think your child's sociometric/peer group status is? Using the peer group dimensions of acceptance and rejection, describe which sociometric category he/she may belong to. Provide a specific example to support your answer. (Hint: categories are accepted, rejected, controversial, neglected)(1+1) I believe that my child is in the accepted group. In her 5th grade report card, her teacher mentioned that she is able to cooperate well in groups and demonstrates positive social interactions. When Layla was 10 years old, it was mentioned that she gets along very well with most people, is popular with the other children, and has a lot of social activities…show more content…
How important have your teen's relationships with peers been to his/her social development, emotional well-being and school achievement in the past few years? Give specific examples of how these relationships have impacted your VC. (1+1+1=social example+ emotional example+ academic example) Layla’s emotional development has been impacted by her relationships with her peers when she and her best friend fought. This occurred at the beginning of fifth grade, and both girls participated in taunting the other side. Layla’s teacher told me that she was becoming problematic in class. This impacted her in a very negative manner in that she actually acted out. Because this is not her usual personality, Layla has shown that she has been affected on an emotional level by her friend by actually fighting back in a way that does not seem like my usual daughter. When she was ten, it was also mentioned that she was well liked by her peers. When she showed an interest in science, I worked with her teacher to get a group together from her class to participate in a science fair. Layla’s interaction with her peers in an academic setting has further encouraged her love for science and led her to join in with enthusiasm. Working with her peers on a topic she is interested in has helped her to develop in an academic manner as

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