Child Development Reflection Paper

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According to my parents, the years of my infancy were not easy and the most remarkable at the same time. I was the second child in a young family and my parents tried to give us all the best and spend as much time as possible with the whole family. They noted that I was very inquisitive, active and always in a wonderful mood, which made me very different from my elder brother who had a serious operation in an early childhood and was a very calm child. This has taught me that every child is individual and special from early childhood and when we talk about child development, we need to take this into account, to maintain the purity and freshness of the perception of the child as long as possible. What surrounds the child greatly influences him. I came from the traditional Nuclear family that structure with two biological parents and older brother. Parents told me that I tried to repeat the actions and words of my parents and my elder brother in every way. In the early childhood, each of them was my uncontested authority and the object of adoration. This taught me that family members are the very first models of behavior from which we learn, those on which we want to be similar or vice versa That is, every child reflects what he sees and experiences through the parents, and this is what the child brings with him to the classroom. I remember…show more content…
After unsuccessful attempts to convince me to draw only in the studio, parents had to cover the walls of the apartment with paper till the craving for creativity was not replaced by playing at school. I remember well how my mother explained to me many times that in order to depict something better, I need to use paper instead of a window, a refrigerator wall or a wall in a room. My father did not scold me for drawing anywhere, until I " redrew" a couple of his paintings, which he left

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