Pan Chimpanzees Similarities

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“Chimpanzee!”, yells a prospector. For a long period of time the apes which held the title, closest human relatives, was the common chimpanzee. The common chimpanzee also known as Pan troglodytes now shares this similar significant connection in the relation to human evolution with another ape, Pan paniscus. Bonobos, the common name for the species Pan paniscus, shares almost 99% of its genome with humans like the common chimpanzee. These percentages represent commonalities in genetics but similarities among bonobos and humans exceed the numbers. Both humans and bonobos correlate in some degree concerning analogous features, relationships, culture, self recognition, ability to communicate. The first commonality is analogous features. An analogous…show more content…
Similarly humans create tools and art in many mediums, but at much more complex levels. Culture is defined as learned behaviors from one individual to another. Now that researchers have uncovered the capacity of culture in bonobos similarly bonobos have exceeded humans expectations by possessing the capacity of self-awareness, When a human child looks into mirror it will interact with his or herself image by manipulating themselves. This trait is relevant in bonobos as well even at a very young age. The mirror test places an 11 month old ape in front on a mirror. At first the ape is scared of the reflection but in time the ape begins to play with the reflection. The ape changes the reflection purposely by moving it self. Testing self awareness is also relevant to the spot-test. In this trial an ape is shown their reflection. Then the mirror is taken away and a spot is placed on the ape. Once the mirror is returned to face the ape the ape will touch it face were the reflection shows it. These experiments show the self awareness that apes like bonobos have and show the similar results that occur when these experiments performed on humans as well. Reflecting on the mental capacities (in personal identification) of bonobos…show more content…
Studies show that bonobos as well as other apes are able to communicate through many means which display their ability to understand language and use it as a tool. Kanzi, a male bonobo is the most famous example of this. Kanzi is a bonobo that does not only respond to commands that are in english but is also able to ask for items using lexigrams. Kanzi can manipulate items and understand full sentences. The intelligence and techniques Kanzi has been able to utilize comments on the intellectual boundaries on

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