Pros And Forms Of Social Networking

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Buvanasvari A/P Palakrisnan AEK140003 ACEA 1111 Basic Techniques of Writing Dr. Agnes Yeow Paper #1 Today’s craze with Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social networking has hindered the individual’s ability to have meaningful relationships with other people. Discuss. Social networking involves grouping of specific individuals or organizations together. There are a number of social networking websites that needs us to become a member. Once you are in the online community, you can create your own group and eliminate those who are not sharing the same interest as you. Social networking websites acts as an online community for internet users. Getting started with social networking is similar as joining school for the first time. At first,…show more content…
According to social media statistics of year 2013, Facebook has about 1.15 billion users where one million web pages are accessed using the “Login with Facebook” feature. Whereas there are now 1 billion users with Google+ accounts. It has reached 359 million monthly active users. These websites have their own culture and unique set of rules. However, social networking holds one’s capability to have a serious relation with others by isolating us and too much time spent by individuals on internet. Human being becomes isolated because there are keen with social networking. Internet has become the tool of 21st century which is an electronic drug that yanks us away from the physical world. This addiction affects the number and quality of our relationships with others. We might be enjoying our relationships through online using websites like Facebook and Twitter but the difference between these kind of interactions and interactions with the physical world are clearly vast. Those communications tend to be more casual and we tend to know much less about them. Social networking reinforced ineffective communication to us. When we choose to communicate with others using…show more content…
Human population nowadays would rather communicate through technology than communicate interpersonally. Through human desire to find meaningful connections, people are becoming so focused on sharing with their social networks but in real time they neglect to realize that they are isolating themselves from the people they are actually with. Inadequate time spent on social networking with disrupt the relationship with others. When we spent about 11 hours per day on social networking, we would not be able to spend our time effectively with others. We are so engrossed with social network till we neglect our important bonds with others. Even though social networking alienate human relation but these social networks act as a medium of communication to us. We use the internet and social media largely to stay in touch and make plans with people we already know from face to face relationship. More recently, the rise of social media have allowed us to stay in touch with other individuals regardless of location. To make better future, it is really important to use social networking carefully. All things depend on

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