General Insurance Disadvantages

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CHAPTER 5 GENERAL INSURANCE Different types of general insurance products are listed below. While most policies are an option that is at the request of the insured, some are mandatory. These are mandatory: • Car insurance • Responsibility (for business class) Other policies include: FIRE INSURANCE • building or flat • furniture accessories and other content • The loss of profit is the indirect damage VARIOUS INSURANCE • Health insurance • robbery, theft • Work Compensation • ensure fidelity • Cancer • Mediclaim • Full Policy jewelry set, TV, VCR, furniture, etc ... Marine Cargo Insurance • goods in transit • Policy Statement insurance charge hull ships ships land sea, fishing boats and cargo sailing at risk, shipbuilding, different boats…show more content…
GC cell R & D research data backed market is created. GIC subsidiaries became an autonomous body. Privatization in the insurance sector in India - Are you in the right direction This is purely a government decision and the nationalized sector is ready for the challenge. And the challenge to be placed in a tough competition. And now, many private companies have entered the market. These companies are the result of the fusion of Indian companies with foreign companies. claims The resolution of claims constitutes one of the important functions of an insurance company. The proper settlement of claims requires a good knowledge of you law, principles and practices governing insurance contracts and, in particular, a thorough understanding of the terms and conditions of standard policies and various extensions and modifications contained therein. The procedure regarding the claim of a low various kinds of insurance follows a common pattern and may be considered under three general headings preliminary…show more content…
For example, the policy package private car offers, among other things, that the Insured shall take all reasonable measures to protect the motor car loss or damage and to keep it in good efficiency. In case of accident or malfunction of the motor vehicle shall not be left unattended without proper precautions taken to prevent further damage or loss. Procedural Upon receiving the indication of loss or damage insurers check that: • the policy is in force on the date of occurrence of the loss or damage • Loss or damage is covered by a policy risk. • Notice of loss received without undue delay. • After this visit to the loss is assigned a number and entered into the record claims. Claim Forms The content of the claim form vary with each type of insurance .In general, the claim form is designed to obtain complete information on the circumstances of the loss and date of loss, the time, the cause of the loss, extension loss etc. application forms are in variably defendant in the fire and miscellaneous

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