Contemporary Trends In Social Media

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Contemporary Trends in Social Media Based Marketing – Evidences From Corporate World. Introduction: There are various traditional ways of marketing, social media marketing an emerging and effective trend giving marketers a leading edge over other ways of marketing because of its cost effectiveness and reach to the target audience. Before understanding what social media marketing is, let’s understand the social media first. What is social media? Social media is a web operated tool or platform which allows people to share, create, or exchange ideas, information and pictures or videos over virtual communities and networks. It can be defined as a group of web based applications which is created on the ideological foundations of Web 2.0 and which…show more content…
Objective of the study To understand the contemporary trends in social media based marketing and to understand what are the effective ways and mean of social media based marketing Review of literature Evans Dave, (2008), Social Media Marketing An hour a day [1] tells about what is social media and what are the way and means to using it effectively. How social media influence the buying behavior of the consumer and its impact on the purchase funnel. How to build social media platform correctly and which are the different social media…show more content…
Media Sharing – These are the services which allows its user to upload, download and share various media for example pictures and video commonly used media sharing sites are Flickr and YouTube etc. Microblogging – these are the services which focus on short updates which are shared with anyone subscribed to receive the updates. The commonly used is Twitter. Collaboration sites – These are the sites which operates on the collaboration from its various users, users of these websites uses the information provided in these websites and also upload and edit the shared information over these websites. Wikipedia, Slideshare, Google docs are the commonly used collaborative sites. These are the 6 different types of social media; there can be overlap among the various services. For example, Facebook has microblogging features with their “status update”. Also, Flickr and YouTube have comment systems similar to that of blogs. Social Medial Marketing Social media marketing is a practice of acquiring traffic or attention to the company’s website or product through the social media

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