The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

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According to Celine ARCA (2012), the above graph illustrates that social media is one of the most effective platforms for building brand awareness. Argued is that the key benefit of social media marketing is the ability to increases the brand exposure. Celine ARCA (2012) defines brand exposure as “the incidence where the customer becomes aware of the product, service or advertisement at least of their five senses, whether or not they paid attention to it”. Stated is that social media has become a platform for new brands to establish themselves and foster awareness. Stokes (2008) notes that social media is not only used by marketers for the fun of it but also because it provides the benefits that traditional marketing does not provide to…show more content…
In consideration to the statistics mention in the problem statement, this serves social media has the power to run marketing campaigns as well as promotions on social networks. SM also has the strength on creating a direct contact audience (Cao, 2013) Weaknesses: In this time, social media has gained so much control within the media industry which makes it hard for marketers to regulate. Since social media emphasizes the role of users, this gives consumers more control because they are having access to freely criticising the company/brand. These types of criticism might harm the brand's identity (Cao, 2013) Opportunities: Berry states that the opportunity is that most advertisements and marketing campaigns are offered through social. This means that there are more people to likely be aware of the brand. This somehow proves that social media is effective advertising media. As mentioned at the problem regarding the time spent on mediums, social media’s percentage of time spent by consumers online exceeds the advertising spent online traditional platforms (Cao,

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