Bill Yap Case Study

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Cource: Module: Lecturer: Assignment types: Due data: 1 INTRODUCTION Bill Yap who has certain stores which provide many forms of telephone accessories that located in various districts in Singapore. An interview was held with him and he claimed that he wants to keep his all customers and get a close relationship with them. However, the most serious problem which is appearing in his business is related to lacking of information technology system and insufficient internet connection. As a result of this issue he cannot afford effective communication with clients, which is necessary for improvement of his business. Obviously, it effects upon proceeds of his products. As competitive shops which supply customers with the…show more content…
Millions of businesses realize capacity and powerful aspects of the CRM. So the primary reasons for this that comes promptly and provides companies possibilities for having instant access and all your most recent business data. Furthermore other advantages of CRM contains a 360-degree prospect of all your customers’ information, that allude to all connection between a particular business and its customers and the biggest benefit is improving proceeds and processes of your…show more content…
Also the notebook works quickly. Besides that, this laptop represents superior equipment and cheap price with $ 949. Recommendation Our members of group have researched three types of hardware and found more suitable for Bill Yap business. Our team decided that laptops from Lenovo ThinkPad T440s and Apple MacBook Air are most suitable for him. The main reason for this is its high qualitative equipment system and cheap cost that can promote his business and its income respectively. Also in Bill Yaps company has major number of workers. So, in this situation, the price plays a big role. Because all staff in company should be supplied with hardware. Business Benefits The main and important point of business advantage for Bill Yaps belongs to cheaper price. SOCIAL

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