Advantages Of Face To Face Communication

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As society progresses, a large portion of what our ancestors used to participate in has become obsolete. While most of the communication back in the early seventies relied heavily on letters, the existence of landlines soon made that obsolete. This shows that face-to-face communication has been declining for a while now. This is not necessarily a bad thing because there are certain features of traditional communication that need a serious upgrade. Social media aids effective communication by being significantly more convenient than traditional face-to-face communication, with traditional communication requiring a lot more coordination between people and having significantly fewer people taking part in the conversation. Communication is only effective when the information a person is trying to convey is understood by the targeted audience and they utilize that information by offering feedback, recalling that information or applying it in their daily lives. Social media achieves these prerequisites much faster than face-to-face communication. In an instant, and with the click of a button, the targeted audience is introduced to a slew of information. This form of media allows for decoration, information can be flashy and have no real value whereas less showy information with meaning gets ignored. An extremely decorative article with a lot of…show more content…
It is easier to control where your message reaches and it enables heartfelt conversation with meaningful ideas to take place, without the clutter and distractions that are rampant on social media. Topics can be restricted based on the age of the audience. In addition to this, the conversation can accordingly be adjusted to accommodate individuals of all age groups, using simpler vocabulary and perhaps explaining it in layman’s terms to ensure that everyone has understood the information being
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