Essay About Modern Technology

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Spread the modern technology in the lives of young people strongly and occupied a large part in our lives because of its obvious potential in creating communication that forms the basis of the social life of the individual, in spite of the negative effects on this life their effects as a result of addiction to the use of these modern means of communication, including specifically, the use of the Internet ( for example) has become a substitute for normal social interaction with friends and relatives, and became the target of young people only spend hours exploring the multiple internet sites which enhances the desire and the inclination of the unit, including reducing the opportunities for social interaction due to the transformation of these methods to a good close friend they clog the leisure and unity among the youth,…show more content…
A sea of information As well as the case is when virgin "university student" They sit for hours in front of a computer screen browsing the Internet, chatting with her friends, and she says Batool: The online world opening in front of me wide horizons of ideas and tremendous information that you may need to in the graduation project, was a student in the former standing bewildered How will provide for a draft graduating references, but now there is a sea of
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