Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: A Case Study With An Unusual Story

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Case Study 2: Patricia is a 31 year old woman who consulted with an educational psychologist with an unusual story; her husband accompanies her during her first session. He tells the psychologist that: “Doctor you won’t believe what happened, my wife and I have a very healthy sex life, we were busy making love, she had her eyes closed, and looked quite happy and involved with the process, when suddenly she opened her eyes, looked at me absolutely horrified, pushed me off her, and said “who the hell are you, what I am I doing here, what are you doing in my bed, where am I?” jumped out of bed and immediately covered her naked body with a bed sheet. I realised immediately that something out of the ordinary happened, because it made no sense to me, I tried to calm Patricia down by telling her “what do you mean who am I? I am John your husband. Of course you know who I am, you married me”, she looked at me with wide open eyes, even more horrified than before, she replied “I’m not married, I am only 17 years old,…show more content…
Her husband is an engineer at an engineering company, but the company is under huge financial stress due to the world wide economic downturn, and he might be retrenched soon. They don’t have any children, but the husband has been married before and has a child from that marriage who is 12 years of age. The biological mother of her step daughter is proving quite a challenge for Patricia and is putting a strain on their marital relationship. Patricia has a sister who lives in a room in her and John’s house and has severely dysfunctional relationships with men, which also places a huge financial and emotional burden on the couple as the sister has a very low paying job and she has a small dependent child living with them in the

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