Professionalism In The Medical Profession

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Professionalism & Compassion George Torres Brookline College Mod G A.M. January 27, 2018 “Professionalism’’ Define as the competence or skills excepted in a professional. Professionalism will defiantly change in my personal life, comparing what is was before. In my opinion, a current career is something for life and it something that must be adapted in your life automatically. In phlebotomy, dealing with patients a phlebotomist with must consider professionalism as in first chose. Which also makes a change to a human being’s personal life. Couple of factors that (professionalism) will affect and impact in my personal life is my Behavior, health, social life, and habits. Drawing blood on patients and dealing with patients can be a difficult…show more content…
The medical field is one of the most challenging environment to work in with out loosing control. As a health care provider to not head in a wrong direction, an employee as myself must be healthy. For your body to function well and all day, you must eat healthy and exercise couple of time in a week. Ever since starting my journey in the medical field studying as a phlebotomist my body has been through a change. From eating and exercising well has made my body function more accurate throughout the day. Not being healthy can cause a body to crash down when being nerves. Being professional will defiantly change some good in an old habit. For example, one improvement I made was re-reading labels, tubes, and patients names. Before, it was a habit of not double-checking things to make sure and that cause myself to second guess my self. Having to do this really makes my job easy and excited to…show more content…
Compassion as affect me to be more serious in current situations in my career. “serious” as in understanding and focusing on an issue and trying to find a solution to it. Being serious also affects me outside of work in my personal life. It makes me have an understanding view on what I want in general. I believe if someone in compassionate, they’ll see those who are also compassionate are when a group as the same similarities. Its know that they can get along or have a collision up further down the road. Compassion can also be an issue when it comes to a difficult patient. An issue as in a health care provider having to break down with anger or emotions. Example, the phlebotomist has a difficult patient in a room. This patient is ill and is violent since they had him wait for a couple of minutes. The pro on being compassionate in this situation is with trying to deal with a patient like this is that the phlebotomist can take any sort of feedback that the patient well gives and still manage to leave the patients room with their specimen. The “con” about compassion is that a phlebotomist can easily give in to the negative feed back and can cause the health care provider to get angry, leaving the room with no blood

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