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Abstract: Scramjet propulsion generates huge amount of aerodynamic heat loads on engine structure thereby posing a problem of its cooling during the flight of hypersonic missile. Regenerative cooling using hydrocarbon fuel seems to be a solution which uses both physical heat sink and possible chemical heat sink of the fuel. A test setup was designed and constructed for carrying out the experiments to find out the suitable endothermic fuel. Experiments are carried out at high temperatures and pressures where fuel will undergo endothermic cracking reactions. The involved experimental activities require proper personnel protection equipments at each stage for safe conduct of the experiments. 1. Introduction: Supersonic combustion ramjet (scramjet)…show more content…
Experimental setup: An experimental setup was designed and realized for carrying out the endothermic fuel experiments. The set up is as shown below. It mainly consists of following units / components. 1. HPLC pump - to pump the fuel at required flow rates 2. Safety NRV - to protect the HPLC pump from back flow of fuel 3. Preheater / Reactor - to heat the fuel to required temperatures. In preheater fuel will be heated to 300 degree C and in reactor, it will be heated to experimental…show more content…
Leak at HPLC pump: HPLC pump is highly précised pump to send the fuel at desired flow rates under pressures. Sometimes, if carbon present in the test rig line, back pressure will generate and will cause leakage at the outlet of the HPLC pump. Leak can be drop by drop leakage and sometimes it results in sudden fuel splash. Personnel should ware safety helmet, Chemical splash goggles, face shield, chemical resistant PVC / neoprene gloves, air purifying respirators and neoprene / PVC overalls 2,6,7,8. 4. Leak at the end fittings of Reactor: During experimental heating of the fuel, due to difference in thermal expansion of SS heating rod and copper ferrule, it was observed leak from the end fittings. In order to tighten it, the power supplying to the test rig can be off and then end fitting can be properly tightened. Proper care should be taken during this operation. Temperature resistant and impact resistant PVC gloves should be worn. Since leakage at high temperature causes the smoke, powered air purifying respirator should be worn. PVC overalls, PVC / rubber shoes, chemical splash goggles, face shield should be worn 2, 6,7,8,9. 5. Thermocouple joint

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