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Medical billing and coding professionals have jobs that carry a heavy amount of responsibility. Simple mistakes and errors in judgement can cause potentially devastating consequences, both personal and financial. To minimize the chances of these issues arising, billing and coding professionals follow certain codes of ethics when it comes to doing their jobs. The Heart of the Code of Ethics The AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) is a private organization that provides certification and membership to professional billing and coding professionals around the world. The AAPC requires all its members to adhere to a specific code of ethics.Their code lays out six ethical principles for professional conduct. These include integrity, commitment, fairness,…show more content…
Individuals in this profession handle sensitive patient information on a daily basis. They must have the highest levels of integrity to protect that information. In addition, they must have the integrity to do the job properly, without cutting corners. This ensures the work produced is of the highest quality. Commitment is another core competence. Medical billing is not a one-step thing. The professional must follow each claim from beginning to end to ensure the practice is receiving the amount due. Plus, the professional is making a commitment to their employer and colleagues to perform this vital duty. Fairness is part and parcel of being a professional in the medical billing world. The specialist must be fair and impartial in all his or her dealings. This means identifying any conflicts of interest and addressing them. It means doing the job in an ethical manner. Respect is the heart of professionalism in this industry. Professionals in medical billing and coding must be respectful of their employers, their colleagues, and the privacy of the patients. They need to earn the respect of others by being respectful in all their

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