Army Profession Of Arms Essay

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Human Resource Sergeants are very important in the profession of arms. Before we can talk about why the Human Resource Sergeant is important, we first need to understand a few key points. What is a Profession? What does it mean to be a Profession of Arms? What is the Human Resources role in the Armys Profession of Arms? A Profession is a type of expert work that is not routine or repetitive. Professions tend to focus more on effectiveness rather than just efficiency. This is because the work that is done is often different on a case by case basis, not like a job where you are doing the same exact job over and over and creating the same product. In the case of a job, efficiency is more important because the end result is always the same product. Not to say that a profession is not efficient but if you’re effective in what you do to reach your end result, then you have essentially accomplished your mission, weather it was the most efficient way or not. Society is dependent on professionals and for this reason professions have to earn the trust of their clients through their ethic. The Army is constantly having to earn and maintain that trust with the American people by living the army values and acting professional to show that we are effectively doing our job of protecting this great nation. The US…show more content…
The culture that in instilled into a Soldier from the time they go to basic training effects the kind of soldier they become and thus shape the character of the institution. Soldiers are taught Values that the Army feels are essential to having a well-rounded person who can make the right decision when it comes down to it. These values can contribute to, and greatly effect, things like attitude, and the way they conduct themselves when in and out of uniform. The Army culture strives for excellence, professionalism and comradery to work together and get any task done

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