Professionalism In The Medical Field Essay

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Professionalism is something that is very important in the healthcare field, and other career choices. It means that you behave in a manner while you assume and fulfill your responsibilities in each situation that you are in. When you decide to take on the role in the medical field, professionalism is something that is more than just a performance. My goal is to become a health care provider and I want my patients to know that I am there for them, not just doing a job to receive a pay check. As patients come into a doctor’s office or come to the hospital for surgery, I have to find out what the patient’s needs are, I believe that you have to be dealing with those patients not only for health care, but as they will probably also need social and mental care. You also have to be able to take the good with bad, no matter what the situation is. It is very important for someone in the medical field to be very professional and provide positive…show more content…
I have seen it for myself while being at a doctor’s office waiting to be seen. I have seen nurses being disrespectful of their head nurse because of a schedule, and one staff member having a verbal abuse situation with another staff member. I thought to myself at that time just how unprofessional they really look and act. In the workplace, especially the medical field, there are high-stress situations that happen on a daily basis, but we have to be able to be professional about it. In the AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research it states that, “Physicians with a high-stress specialty such as surgeries, obstetrics, and cardiology are considered to be most prone to disruptive behavior.” It also states that 71% of the hospital staff felt that disruptive behaviors were linked to medical errors, 27% were linked to patient mortality, and 18% were aware of a specific adverse event that occurred because of this kind of

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