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An annotated bibliography is one that consists of a summary of a report, article or book. The annotated bibliography is not only useful to the individual researcher who formulates the bibliography but also to future researchers who would carry out the same process. This assignment deals with annotated bibliography and it is based on six articles; five of which are research reports on the professionalism and nursing and one article that is based on professionalism and nursing through philosophy. The six articles that would be annotated in this assignment are: 1. Professional Comportment: The Missing Element in Nursing Practice. 2. Providing end-of-life care in the intensive care unit: Issues that impact on nurse professionalism. 3. The Influence…show more content…
(1998). Interpersonal Relations in Nursing a Philosophical-Ethical Analysis of the Work of Hildegard E. Peplau. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 1312-1319. This research journal was done by author Chris Gastmans in which he looked critically at the philosophical- ethical meaning of the conceptual frame-work which Hildegard E. Peplau had developed. Chris Gastmans gathered his information through Peplau’s pioneering work on interpersonal relations. Within this research paper three main components were analysed in depth. They were: the professionalization of nursing, the philosophical under-pinnings of Peplau’s view on nursing science, and the nurse- patient relationship as the central event in nursing. Peplau mentioned with respect to the professionalization of nursing that a nurse is a professional whom is a well-trained health care worker and who works hand in hand with the doctors as well as other members of the health care team in order to promote wellness to the patients. Peplau went on to say that “the profession could stake a claim to a focus on helping patients to gain intellectual and interpersonal competencies beyond that which they have at the point of illness, by gearing nursing practices to evolving such competencies through nurse- patient interactions” (Peplau 1989a p.…show more content…
From the research carried out by Peplau it was seen that the philosophy of nursing and strategy for developing nursing knowledge provided an original basis for the development of new methods to connect theory, research and practice. He also believed that the practice-based science was an interpersonal event, which basically was a relationship between nurse and patient. CONCLUSION To conclude, annotated bibliography can be used in any form of research taken such as reports, journals, books etc. The annotated bibliographies gave a concise form of the information found on the research done by the different authors. Also from evaluating the research papers we saw that there are different methods in which researchers have used in order to gather information about their study. Some of the ones made mentioned in this assignment are: interviews, questionnaires, qualitative exploratory approach and through the use of electronic review of

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