Nurse Mentoring Research Paper

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The purpose of this paper is to explain the importance of nurses mentoring other nurses. It is a form of professionalism in nursing. Nurses mentor others for growth, sustainability of the profession, to acknowledge and respect cultures in all its ramifications. Other reasons why nurses are mentored includes, to improve the quality of the profession, and to bridge the gap between the different generations of nurses. According to Foley et. al (2012), we can use generational lenses to help us see things we might not otherwise notice. A mentor in the field of nursing is skilled, is an expert, and is a professional. Mentoring requires giving one’s best to others, being competent, and the ability to educate others. It is all about learning, teaching, pulling people into the puddle. The mentor transfers his views, skills and experience of nursing to others. It is a means of integrating the classroom knowledge into real life practice, for new nurses, and updating knowledge for nursing professionals. Mentoring is coaching, or shadowing models mentor and mentee perspectives…show more content…
Especially considering the fact that nurses spend more time with the patient than any other profession do spend with them. And that is why we need nurses to be professionals, so they can understand the patients’ need at any point in time. In 2014, the Journal of nursing management (JONM), reported that “Mentoring, is a good way to strengthen the nursing workforce and, in turn improve the quality of care and patient outcomes.” Mentoring helps narrow diversities, it makes the nurse confident in himself. He knows the right things to do in order to improve the patients’ quality of life. “Ever since Florence Nightingale founded the profession, nurses have been taking novices under their wings and helping them learn to fly.” (amsn

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