Biodesign Methodology

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he Biodesign methodology is a process of innovating medical technologies. This process was formally created fifteen years ago with the objective of developing an educational approach and step by step necessary for the innovation of health technologies.In this section we explain the biodesign methodology with its three key phases: identifying needs, inventing concepts and implementing these concepts in order to deliver them to health care (Figure 1). Figure 1: Outline Biodesign methodology These phases are divided into a series of stages that lead incrementally to the creation of a knowledge base on the need and the emerging solution. The process is cyclic, has a frequent need to go through one or more steps to review and expand, as more information…show more content…
Innovators usually start this work by direct observation in a wide variety of clinical environments, within and outside the hospital. If the observations are carried out by multidisciplinary teams we have the advantages of bringing different perspectives. The two stages of this process are (figure 2): 1. Needs finding, broad screening survey. The identify phase is first and foremost about finding important unmet health needs. By directly observing the full cycle of care from diagnosis and treatment to recovery and billing, our trainees discover problems and opportunities. The goal is to identify opportunities related to watch what is done and how it affects the provider, the patient, and the system, while asking pointed questions that challenge the status quo. This part of the process is a stage of accumulation or collection, and has the open-minded feel of brainstorming in that the innovators are looking for as many interesting needs as possible. 2. Needs screening, follow-on…show more content…
This is an intense and iterative process, with progressively deeper dives into the needs that have the most potential. Ultimately, the innovators arrive at the two or three most promising needs which—if they can be solved — will have major impact on health and wellness. Figure 2: The two phases of identifying process. 1.2 Invent When the needs ideas are clear it’s time to begin to invent. Here are the stages to follow (figure 3): 1. Concept generation, The Biodesigners brainstorm hundreds of potential solutions for each of their top needs. Then, they organize their ideas and objectively compare them against key criteria for satisfying the needs. A productive brainstorming session can generate between 50-60 concepts in different categories (for example, solutions that use electrical, chemical, biological or mechanical means, etc.). Capturing the results of a brainstorming session is important and not trivial. In addition, preserving all of the ideas generated, it’s useful to identify some of the most promising

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