Professionalism In Education

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With the help of articles we tried to refine the definition of professionalism. Initially professionalism was simply the occupation’s that fulfill the needs of people, then knowledge, autonomy, understanding and judgment became part of professionalism. After that we were pushed to the concept that professional development is a key for determining any field as profession. There were some other concepts as well but ultimately all these concepts of professionalism lead to same basic ideas of professionalism. In a survey conducted and the findings of the survey was that it is passion that is the driving factor that gives you potential to enhance your skills in your profession. Different approaches exist when we look into professionalism as we mentioned…show more content…
Giving teachers authority of ‘What to teach’ along with ‘How to teach’ is important as it gives them their individual control that leads to attaining their status of professionalism. But the question that was pinching our head was that how profession for teachers is changed? Now the teachers are not just teachers they have become leaders, mentors and they polish the skills of the students so that they can attain their goals in life. We went through an article which suggested that in earlier time there were no job descriptions for teachers. In the article three different types of teachers were mentioned which were internee, teacher and master teacher. Now there are different descriptions for different posts of teachers. Now the qualified, skilled and post worthy applicants are appointed for the job of teaching. Now the experience and abilities are considered…show more content…
The physicians had to follow a conduct where they listen to the patients and build the relation with them. So, now the medical professionals cannot just write down the skills to fulfill the criteria of professionalism. With quite vague understanding of medical professionalism we being Muslims look into Islam’s teaching that leads us to an understanding that professionalism is proved when physician is inspiring the practices and is well mannered with patients. Professionalism is source for performing many duties correctly and doing justice with it. In professionalism you don’t take sides or remain biased. If we look into the profession of lawyer it is all about integrity. A survey suggests that integrity is very important especially in the field of lawyer’s. High integrity makes a lawyer more dynamic then the lawyer whose integrity is not that high. The lawyer should not be biased because his/her biasness can take him/her away from professionalism. To promote integrity it is important that it should be discussed in the first

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