Organizational Citizenship Behavior Case Study

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Organizational citizenship Behavior term comprises of three words Organization, Citizenship and Behavior. When it comes to ‘Organization’ then it includes all the factors that are included in Organization , which in itself is a vast term and comprises of many factors like job satisfaction, job description, workplace conflct, organization environment, organization structure etc. ‘Citizenship’ is act that is always for the organization, to the organization and by the organization. That means all the actions of the employees are in benefits of the organization. ‘Behavior’ term again includes psychological aspect of the human or employees. But despite just saying and identifying the probable factors , the researcher tried ti deduce the factors…show more content…
Chien talks about major role of Organizational Citizenship Behavior in improving the organizational effectiveness. It has also discussed about few ways by which OCB of the employees can be improved like Job Satisfaction and Motivation level of the employees can increase and improve the prosocial behaviour exhibited by them. Though OCB has been identified as a dependent variable and much research is required to find the probable reasons to inculcate and improve OCB amongst employees, which the current study shall cover. The paper by Sofiah K.K., Padmashantini , P. Gengeswari K. (2014) gave proposition on significant the role of the factors :: Empowerment, Transformational Leadership and Competency affecting exhibition of Organizational citizenship behaviour though they aren’t supported by statistical inclusion which shall be covered by the current study. In a study by Siroos Ghanbari & Asghar Eskandari on staff of Bu-Ali Sina University, they demonstrated that there is positive correlation between Organizational climate and Organizational Citizenship Behavior with r=0.245, P<0.01 and N=250. The different components of Organizational climate which they have included for the study are Aim clearness and agreement, Role clearness and agreement, Reward satisfaction, Policies agreement and communication efficiency. Table No. 1 Pearson Correlation Coefficient between Research…show more content…
The results proved that there is significant positive effect has been observed on Organizational citizenship Behavior by self –esteem personality and affective Organizational commitment where as Extrinsic Job satisfaction has negative effect on Organizational citizenship Behavior. In a study by V. Ruya Ehtiyar et al (2010), they found that there is significant relation between the Organizational Citizenship Behavior and the academic success of the students. They also found that there was a positive correlation, of R= 0.190 , between the average score of students and their organizational citizenship behaviour and further findings shows that who shows qualities of likeness, commitments and volunteering were successful in their classes as

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