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How Does Cutting Down Trees Affect the Environment? Trees and humans need each other in order to survive because humans make carbon dioxide while trees absorb the carbon that they make. Trees help give shelter, warmth, and everyday materials with agriculture. Deforestation is such a bad epidemic that most people don’t understand how it can affect everyone and the environment. By taking trees it makes loss of habitat, warm weather, soil erosion, and less clean air. People who cut down trees illegally tend to cut down more than is needed. Deforestation is a good but bad way for people to get the materials they need, and the loss of over 1000 different species and the progression of land use for new buildings or companies have been detrimental…show more content…
The Great Short Tailed Bat is one of the animals that were extinct because of deforestation. The last sighting was in 1965, their main protection was in trees. Illegal loggers cut down the trees were most their homes were forcing them to the brink of extinction. The giant boa was known to be extinct also, it weighed 2,500 pounds. The Auckland Island Merganser has been extinct also, the last sighting was in 1902 deforestation was a big factor people cut down the trees these birds were using in order to help better themselves with the crafts they used the wood for. The Huia (bird) arrived around 1907, the last sighting was in 1917 they lived for ten years and died from humans hunting them and destroying their homes. The Laughing Owl was first spotted in the mid-1800s it was declared extinct in 1914 due to illegal logging which the trees later sold on the black market for money. Deforestation comes in many forms including fires, clear-cutting, ranching, unsustainable logging for timber and degradation due to climate change. About 17% of the forest has been lost in the last 50 years, that's like 48 million people dying each day, due to forest conversion for cattle ranching. ("The Amazonian Rainforest under Siege from Illegal

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