Explain How Does Sustainability Affect Organisational Behaviour

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3.3. How does sustainability affect organisational behaviour? For most companies, becoming sustainable involves a conscious and continue effort to build long-term value for their employees, customers and communities. Companies now change the way they think about products, technologies, processes and business models. By treating sustainability as a goal, early movers will develop competencies that rivals will be hard-pressed to match. That competitive advantage will stand them in good stead, because sustainability will always be an integral part of development (Nidumolu, Prahalad & Angaswami 2009, 56-64). While doing these, organizational behaviour will be changed in the process. It can be seen in several instances when an organization adopt being a sustainable business. These includes the company culture, communications, structure, management…show more content…
For instance, employees in sustainable companies have high level of trust in each other, which allows them to take necessary risks to innovate and change their behaviour to support sustainability. All these elements can inspire employees to work harder or contribute to disengagement. By being clear and communicate through the organization about the vision, values and understanding how to get the best out of employees, company can become more productive, competitive and more sustainable in the long run (Moorhead & Griffin, 2011). Companies with robust, effective communication mechanisms enable managers and employees to make informed decisions, because they understand the business context. The organization's approach to risk will determine the extent to which managers and employees feel comfortable taking risks in their decision making. Innovation and creativity are more likely to be stimulated in organizations that encourage informed risk-taking (Rowe & Bansal,

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