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Organizational justice Have you ever thought you were treated unfairly in the working situation or in the company or organization? If so, did this case affect your work or work presentation? I believe that every employee want to work for fair and ethical company and to be treated respect as other employees. Another area in which moral and ethic may arise for people at works concerns organizational justice which includes ideas of fair results and processes. Justice refers to the idea that an action or the decision made is morally correct, which can defined according to the ethics and religions. The two types of justice are distributive and procedural that companies must embrace to make the employees more happy and productive in their works.…show more content…
The lack of fairness of outcomes will lead to stress and emotional exhaustion for the employees. For example, an employee has worked for the company for many years, and she found that she received an acceptable outcomes and she will think that this is a fair outcomes for her in this works. Employees will suffer when working in the working environment that are lacking of fairness. Asus company’s working environment has fairness in outcomes, as the employees in the organizations are productive and ethic. Company has provided distributive justice fairness among the employees. By doing so, organizations can provide an equal distributive justice by educating, communicating, and legislating fair employment practices with the organization. Another type of organizational justice is procedural justice. Procedural justice concerns the fairness of the process of how outcomes are decided. Rather the process, the ethical questions are not concerned the just or unjust distribution of organization resources. The resources may be tangible or intangible. The company of the organizations uses the correct procedures in allocating resources, make the right decisions or considerations such as skills when produce a product or when making…show more content…
Job satisfaction can affect a person's level of commitment to the organization, job turnover rate and absenteeism. It can also affect performance levels. Through the job satisfaction, the employee willingness to involve in the their own work can be know. If employee are satisfied with the work they are doing, it feels less like work, thus motivating a more higher levels of passion and positive attitude. Some of the employee who are committed to their job will likely be more willing to work longer time or take on additional responsibilities without increase their salaries. This is call organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). OCB is the employee has the voluntary behavior above and beyond the call of duty. The workers who are satisfied with their job, they are likely to want to give something back to the organization. If a company has many this kind of employees, this company is a very successful company such as ASUS company. ASUS company is set that employees are the asset for the company. Employees are very important for the company. If do not have the employees, the company can not functioning well. So, ASUS company has provide many facility to their employee to attract the talent people to join their team, for a better

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