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Have you ever wondered how you can combat the scorching heat of summer? Just think of eating cucumber, a humble and crisp cucumber, and your body will want to taste its crisp way of offering hydration. However, this wonderful vegetable is low in calories, has great benefits, and eating cucumber, not only offers only water and electrolytes, offers, with its great nutrients, what you need to start eating it already. It is one of the oldest crops, and is believed to originate in the northern Himalayan plains of India. The plant is a vine (vine) similar to other members of the Cucurbita family such as pumpkins, melons, courgettes, etc. Reasons to Start Eating Cucumber and a Low-Calorie Recipe This vegetable is easy to grow. Varieties, which vary in size, shape and color,…show more content…
Its main function is to tone, smooth and improve overall the appearance of the skin. Digestion and weight loss Due to its high water content and being low in calories, eating cucumber is ideal to include in the diet of those looking to lose weight. It is recommended to add it as a supplement, in salads, or serve it with low fat yogurt. In addition, its high fiber content makes it very conducive to the digestion process. If consumed daily, it helps prevent chronic constipation. Ends with dark circles The anti-inflammatory properties of cucumbers, are very useful to remove dark circles or “bags” under the eyes. Although they think it is a cliché, it is highly recommended to put two slices of cucumber on the closed eyes to eliminate the swelling. Fight against cancer Secoisolariciresinol, lariciresinol and pinoresinol, are three lignans contained in cucumbers, which are strongly linked to the prevention of various types of cancer, such as breast, ovary, prostate and uterus. Eating cucumber, is within the preventive actions that are recommended to do. Fights diabetes, lowers cholesterol and controls blood

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