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If I am the HOD, I would explain that OB is a wide area of management that studies how people behave in organizations. OB is also a type of learning in which people learns behaviors and facts by observing the behaviors of individual, group and structure. People can use theories and knowledge of OB to develop better management practices. Thus, these behaviors influence the organization’s performance. Below are some ways how I would convince Li Lian to sign up for the course. • Situation analysis: Nowadays, studying OB has become an important component for a teacher, because it makes sure that the internal workings in the schools are as efficient and effective as they can possibly be. In studying OB, teachers can get to be better at understanding…show more content…
Management skills are a way that will teach you how to manage the students in the class.  Human skills: To improve your abilities to understand, communicate with, motivate, and support your students. A good listener helps to understand the situation well and the right way to manage conflicts.  Conceptual skills: As a teacher, u must have the mental ability to analyze and diagnose complex situations.  Learn how to make effort to match job requirements to be a good teacher, such as sociable, friendly, cooperative.  Learn how to measure the personality of your students from different countries, to make you easier to get to know your students and help them to perform well in the school. A school with diverse people can assist preparing each other for citizenship in multicultural democracy. The idea of diversity holds within acceptance and respect. Each individual is unique and recognizing our individual differences. These are along the dimension of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities and religion beliefs and other ideologies. It is more about understanding each other and clearing off a simple tolerance to accept and celebrate the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each…show more content…
Individual who frequently participate is not always be the top performers. Nevertheless, they are the ones who will go the extra mile. They give the people around them more than expected and will be handsomely rewarded with loyalty, opportunity and money. Going the extra mile shows that we pay attention to all the small details where it contributes to effective performance. And these allow us to attract new opportunities and business. Illustration from the case study, Li Lian goes above and beyond to assist those weaker students in her class. She had a positive mindset of educating a better future for the students in school. As she notices that her class has more students of diverse type and is weak in English Language. She initiated to help her students to overcome personal difficulties. Also, assist individual from diverse type to be accepted by the local students in the class. Li Lian goes beyond the normal expectations in her job and volunteered to organize activities during non-curriculum classes so students will be able to bond and learn together. It shows that Li Lian is deeply committed to her work. What she did show the other teachers are conscious of the difference and they could also make changes in students’ lives. The students and Li Lian shared a mutual

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