Things Learned From Living In Thailand Essay

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Ten Things Learned from Living in Thailand “Come with more money than you think you need and spend less than you think you should.
Scott Mallon, Writer and Photographer *** One reason why I have always loved traveling and seeing the world is doing so provides you with insight and experience and the opportunity to learn about the world first hand. As long as human beings remain curious and retain the desire to learn, they retain the will to live. Once the desire to learn stops, we die. First we die mentally and spiritually, then our bodies give out and we die physically. Below are ten of the many things I have learned so far from living in Thailand. This list is not comprehensive nor is it exclusive to Thailand 1. Count on your self - parents strive to make their children self-reliant. Seeing Thais struggle in daily life opened my eyes. Providing food, clothing, and shelter and learning how to handle…show more content…
Money is important but it is not everything - money can rent a body but it cannot buy love. Money provides stability and options, but there is no guarantee it will buy happiness. Would you rather earn a comfortable living working at a job you enjoy immensely or work at a job you hate bringing in a huge salary? 
6. Everything is not always as it seems - if saying nothing at all speaks volumes, perhaps it is helpful to remember that while we are looking at the world one way, other people are looking at it in a completely different way. 
Have you ever lost your keys, searched for them, only to find them in your pocket or right in front of you? Think of all the angles, not just your own. Perhaps what you think is black is actually dark blue. 
As Bruce Lee said in the movie, Enter the Dragon, "Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all of the heavenly glory." 7. Family comes first - Family is the bedrock upon which Thai society rests. Family has always been important to me, but moving here taught me that my family needs to be a priority and we could be

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