Four Factors That Influence Employee Behavior

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The SAS policies answer the question as to why employees behave the way they do. The SAS research report shows that work behavior can be influenced by several factors. The case study in section 2.1 shows what factors influenced production and work performance. One of the highlights in the discourse is how well employees are treated directly affect their performance on the job. Putting employee above all else in business arena give speed to good yield. I used to think that in the business world customers should come first, but a lesson in the case study shows that even when customers leave the business in bad times, if employees are maintained and valued, that will increase their input in to the production processes. Encouragement of employees helps build their general health and mental abilities to perform effectively and efficiently. There are four factors that influence over work behaviors. According the Carpenter, M., Taylor, B., & Erdegan, B in their ‘Principles of Management’ two of these four factors are desirable while the other two are undesirable. What this means is that two influence employee behavior positively while the latter do so negatively.…show more content…
This refers to the level in which the employee effectively and efficiently meets the components in the job description. The content of performance on the job may differ from job to job and from organization to organization. A productive performance is measured by the quality and quantity of work done, and the accuracy and timing with which the work is done. May company used job performance promotion, reward, raises in salary, additional responsibilities etc. Thus, companies used this to track the performance records of the employee. In this vain, SAS provide services (health care, social amenities etc.,) and motivations to their employees and even extending that to the employee’s immediate family

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