Examples Of Emotional Appeals In Advertising

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Introduction Advertising and promotions are an essential part of our social and economic systems. In our multi layered society, advertising has evolved into an integral communications structure for both businesses and consumers. The ability of advertising and other promotional methods to deliver carefully prepared messages to target audiences has given them a major role in the marketing programs of most organizations. Companies ranging from large multinational corporations to small retailers increasingly rely on advertising and promotion to help them market products and services. Advertising is valuable tool for building company or brand equity as it is a powerful way to provide consumers with information as well as influence their perceptions.…show more content…
An advertising with a rational appeals leads to a stronger conviction about a product’ benefits, so that the purchase is eventually made. They are generated in traditional models of information processing where consumers are expected to make purchase decisions based on an individual’s sense of logic and reasoning. The purpose of a rational appeal is to emphasize the characteristic features, and benefits of the product to demonstrate the value of owing or using that particular brand. Such appeals may include detailed information about a product such as specific features, durability and value. Successful rational appeals rely on their persuasive power of arguments or reasoning. Examples of rational appeals include price, quality, performance, reason why, and comparative advertising. Emotional appeals are directed primarily at an individual’s psychological, social or symbolic needs. Emotional appeals touch on a variety of feelings including fear, humor, love, anxiety and sex. Most creatives view emotional advertising as the key to developing brand loyalty. Creatives want customers to feel a bond with the brand. Emotional appeals reach the more creative right side of the brain. Visual cues in ads are important in emotional appeals. To potentially enhance their persuasive effects; an advertisement can actually include more than one type of emotional appeal. Since they are designed to persuade by manipulating one’s feelings, emotional appeals often come under
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