My Personal Experience: My Experience In The Classroom

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As I was reaching my due date, I would have to routinely use the bathroom frequently throughout the night. My husband would sense me get up and would immediately follow and ask, “Is it time?” I can clearly recollect looking at his worried stare, his eyes glazed and widened with that strange wrinkle in between his brows. My reply to him was always, “No babe, just using the bathroom”. However on January 12, 1993 my answer was different. I recall opening my eyes, I gazed at the clock and it read 1:30am. I laid in bed thinking to myself what is this feeling; I couldn’t comprehend it. I wasn’t in pain, just a nervous feeling in my stomach. The only way I can explain this is like when you’re going on a first date or giving a speech in front of a group of people, -anxiety. I thought to myself will this pass or should I wake up my husband. I sat up in bed and he immediately reacted and asked, “Is it time?” I replied, “I’m not sure, I just don’t feel well”.…show more content…
Before we left the house, my mother said a prayer for us, her words soothed and calmed me. We arrived at the hospital at 6am and everything just happened so fast. The nurses changed me into a gowned, connected my IV’s and monitors, by this time it’s almost 7am. As the contractions got harder, the louder the monitor would go off. I knew by looking at the screen that my contractions were coming and the frequency was much closer. The doctor walked in, does his exam and says, “Well Cindy, looks like this baby is coming quicker than we thought”. He tells the nurses, “We have to go, now”. As I was transferred to the delivery room, I was scared of everything happening, I didn’t know what to expect, this was my first child. The nurse must of seen the fear in my face, I remember her hand on my shoulder and telling everything was going to be ok, She encouraged me to keep being strong and to remember that it was all worth
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