Progressive Education: Why It's Hard To Find By Alfie Kohn

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Sister Mathilde DeLucy Doctor Daniel Katz EDST 1501-AA 15 October 2014 "The dream begins, most of the time, with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you on to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth."--Dan Rather A teacher is one who has the privilege to walk beside countless individuals in this constantly changing world. A true teacher inspires wonder and encourages growth. A teacher has the potential to inspire a dream, and provide a clear focus while a student travels the echoing sea of uncertainty. A teacher tries to fill the longing need of the human intellect, the need to satiate one of the greatest thirsts within the human person, the thirst to know. Taking from the quote…show more content…
Besides the texts definition of progressive education, Alfie Kohn a leading educational writer points out the many dimensions of a progressive teaching philosophy. In his article, “Progressive Education: Why it’s Hard to Beat, But also Hard to Find” he points out the well-rounded aspects of progressivism. Like humanism, the progressive teacher “seeks to attend to the whole child.” To paraphrase most of what Kohn points out, the progressive utilizes a multi-scoped approach in gaining recourses so that a child can really have a well-rounded education. The progressive approach includes pulling from a collaborative community, in order to enhance virtues of social justice that goes beyond the…show more content…
As much as schools try to say they have zero tolerance to bullying it often gets through the cracks. As a teacher my classroom philosophy will be such that students know in our classroom every person is an “instrument” in one way or another, they belong in the music class. No matter if your tone deaf or not, it is my opinion that every student has a vital melody they contribute to the class, just by being present. In order to have a blend every instrument must be heard, respected and taken care of. Just like an instrument, the proper maintenance is necessary to ensure instruments are taken care of. Students should be able to see each other as valuable and

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