Cause And Effect Essay About Suicide

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Committing suicide evokes the feeling of liberation, would not you agree? Most people would think that the answer to all of their problems is the moment that the action of ending their lives begin. There is a very high statistic of people committing suicide, World Health Organization showed that for about 800,000 people lose their lives over suicide. Youth suicide is in a high rate, surprisingly according a survey that has been done from CDC it showed that boys are much more suicidal than girls. To prevent this problem, the causes must be acknowledged and sedated as well. Mental illness, depression and bullying are the main most common causes of committing suicide. In the begging, mental illness is the most serious cause that could set the person’s live in a…show more content…
Being diagnosed with depression is a tremendous problem, that people must pay attention and try to prevent it from happening. In the article of “Depression: What You Need to Know” states that a daily routine can be destroyed by the cause of depression, and that the people that suffering from it neither motivated nor encouraged to move one bone of their bodies. Furthermore, disconnecting from their actual real self is another Sid affect. For example, a depressed person would not be able to detect the enthusiasm of life events, such as celebrating a birthday or even laughing with some friends. Unrecognizable change in their personality is the first notice that depression is upon them. Moreover, a depressed person might not even sense that sadness is the feeling that they are touching, but that is different from one person to another. Feeling numb is a matter of absent emotion that may lead the person into a dim and an out of the usual place that could transfigure the person into
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