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This chapter examines the political implications of human trafficking towards Malaysia. It is divided into three parts. The first part examined how Malaysia’s reputation damaged by this illicit activity. The second part discussed the level of corruption in Malaysia. The last part explained how human trafficking weakened Malaysian border control. Human Trafficking Damages Malaysia’s Reputation. One of the most damaging effects of human trafficking is its effect on Malaysian’s reputation. Reputation has suffered due to the human trafficking activities in the country. Pointed out earlier, Malaysia is a country where human trafficking easily occurs because it is known as a transit country to its surrounding and strategically located area. Generally,…show more content…
As we know, Malaysia is a country where everybody can easily being transmitted as victims compared to Thailand. Malaysia is a source of demand for cheap labour because fair audits are not widely practised and minimum employment inspections. Generally, most companies are able to exploit human capital. Therefore, victims are brought to Malaysia to replace the skilled workers of Malaysian’s which counter productive to the country’s growth. No proper check on the victims on their historical backgrounds, their origins, personal background and so on. It seems like the human rights are embracing in Malaysia which should support its own citizens but failed to do so. That’s why, the UN recognizes that human trafficking is the second fastest growing criminal enterprise, behind drug trafficking and it can generate an estimated profit to USD$ 150 billion per year (Sherleena Abdul Rashid, 2014:1). When there are some cases regarding human trafficking in Malaysia get to be found by police officers, they were paid off to shut their mouth in order to close the cases. They were paid to support their human trafficking networks to be continued smoothly without any restrictions. Therefore, the level of corruption increased in Malaysia and might listed among the corrupted countries. Dr. Mahathir said that he was not angry, but feel shamed because international newspapers call Malaysia as the most corrupt country in the world (Tun DR. Mahathir,

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