Challenges And Challenges In Counselling

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Counselling is when an individual goes to seek helping from a counsellor to talk their problems out and also to find solutions to their problem or the crisis that their facing because in some point of everybody’s life, they will face a problem that is beyond their control or that they did not predict of and this is where counselling comes in place to help their needs and give them other solutions. Counselling is also like guidance to the individual that is in need of them or that does not know how to solve the problem their facing. Counselling also involves the counsellor to be able to give the client a safe environment and also an environment that has no distraction so that they will be able to focus and able to share what their problem or…show more content…
The next challenge is my lack of knowledge on abusing cases. With this challenge, I was not able to provide the useful information to the client and also not able to give the client the best solution to help her solve her problems. Next challenge was my lack of creativity in thinking. At that moment of counselling, I was not able to think quickly to give the client the solution to her problem and also was not able to think quickly as to which question is the best to ask the client so that I can get enough information’s out of it. The next challenge was the timing of the session. I was not able to manage the timing well and during that 10-15 minutes of counselling, I did my best in gathering the right information so that I can plan out what is the best solution for my client and also so that I will be able to give my client the best solutions to help her with her problem. The last challenge that I face during that 10-15 minutes of counselling is the refusal of cooperation from the client. The client sometimes refuse to talk or sometimes tried changing topics but I manage to bring her back into the topic but asking some questions that may relate back into the topic. Also, I was able to make my client have a change in mood from the start of the session till the end of it and it was quite a challenge because I tried to give her positive words and positive solutions but she ended up not wanting to hear them which is a little challenge for me but in the end, she listened to it which is what made her have a change in emotions and also made her lighten up her problems a
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