Explain Why I Want To Be An Assistant Principal

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I want to be an assistant principal because as Gandhi remarks, “I should be the change that I would want to see in the world.” This is what has drawn me toward becoming an assistant principal. I believe if you truly want to affect change within a school the best place to do that is within a school’s main office. For instance, in my experience as a classroom teacher; I have encountered several different styles of administrators. Moreover, in my administrator’s internship, I have gained the experiences of making classroom budgets, observing classroom teachers, and working with Central administration officials to craft meaningful communication plans. Likewise, because that of experience; I was able to better understand what it takes to be an effective school administrator. I believe the number one job of the assistant principal, is to create an environment for learning. This is done by maintaining standards so the students and teachers know and understand the goals and aims that the school is striving to achieve. Moreover, this includes…show more content…
Furthermore, I'm determined to succeed, and in doing so I enjoy overcoming adversity. Likewise, I enjoy taking ownership and responsibility for things when they go wrong, and I do not mind sharing in the credit when things go well. Likewise, I am a forward thinker, and someone who enjoys planning for the future. The most important skill that enables me to be an assistant principal is my ability to work with others, and to seek out others opinions, ideas, and knowledge in order to make schools a place for all students to obtain a rigorous and high quality education. Finally, I understand that assistant principals’ needs to make hard decisions; and they must be able to have the know-how to understand the impact of these

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