The Importance Of Student Teaching

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Student teaching is not the only barrier or struggle that future teachers encounter. After student teaching and graduating with a degree, teachers are now ready to begin instructing in their own classroom. An educator’s first year of teaching can be the most difficult for some teachers. It is the first time that you are out all on your own with no mentor or co-teacher. Classroom management, behavior issues, and lacking confidence can be just a few of many doubts that teachers can have throughout their first year. During my interview with Mrs. Schnohoff, she expressed her concerns with lacking confidence. She knows her classroom and she does what works for her students, but she claims, “I falter in confidence when I have to communicate with…show more content…
A young teacher in Middle River, Maryland felt the same way about his first year of teaching and even compared it to fraternity hazing . In fact, Mr. Duklewski felt like an outcast in his own classroom. Behavior issues and defiant students made his first year of teaching difficult, but he exclaims, “There is no better way to learn how to teach than just jumping in and doing it” , which shows just how valuable experience is regarding a teaching profession. Furthermore, education is a field that is always evolving and changing with each generation. Although, experience in a classroom setting is treasured, significant current events happening within the school district or even on a global scale build on an aspiring educator’s teaching experience. Society happens to play a huge role in the classroom. Events happening in a certain community or even nationwide are often discussed about during…show more content…
That could be anything from time management or balance issues, whether that be regarding their personal lives or within their own classroom. Teacher have so much to keep track of: their own personal schedules, administrative or professional development level tasks, classroom needs, and the needs of their students are just a few things to mention. Paper work mounts up, emails from students and teachers pile up in their inbox, and parents are always voicing their concerns, but no matter the criticism this career path is always rewarding. Mrs. Schonhoff explained to me, “You are always going to face a lot of outside criticism and know that you are trying to do everything in your power to do what is best for your students, and you still feel like it is not enough” , which demonstrates the importance of being a persistent teacher who never gives up. It is also important to recognize that all students are unique and some may require more or less attention given different circumstances . After a while it becomes hard for teachers to juggle their own needs with the individual needs of each student, but with time teachers learn how to balance their classrooms

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