My Big Moment Research Paper

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A "big moment" is something in your life that has impacted you in a positive or a negative way that you will most likely forever remember. Big moments can include birthdays, deaths, divorces, or even trying your favorite sport for the first time. Some of my big moments include school grades or work, birthdays, sports, all things that have shaped my life in someway. Everyone has had a big moment in their life so far. My big moments are very important to me. I was born August 7, 2003 in Woodstock, Georgia. A year later I was able to celebrate my first birthday. This was a very important to my family and I because this was the day I was finally one. I don't remember this celebration much but from pictures I do remember my photoshoot with a brand…show more content…
This is a very special age for me to look back on because this is the year I met my friend who is still my best friend who has stuck with me through a lot, Alexis Sasser or Lexi. I consider Lexi my "sister" since we can say anything to each other and can cope together through griefs and failures. She is a super sweet girl who has had an inspiring impact on my life. She is on the cheer squad with me and encouraged me at cheer tryouts when I had given up on the tryouts. I was 10 years old and really only had one friend, Lexi. Whenever Lexi wasn't around, I was extremely bored and lonely. I started to have a bit of fun and perform shows in front of my friends and family, especially Fantasmic from Disney World, which I still perform. When I was eleven I decided that I needed to do a sport other than just cheer in the fall. My mom suggested doing competition cheer at World of Cheer, a nearby cheer and gymnastics building. I didn't want to do it since you travel and compete in front of large crowds. I ended up joining the half year program and loved it. The half year program starts early November and ends April. I am going to sign up for it this year. I turned 12 on August 7, not to long ago. I decided to mention this years big moments instead. This year my Grandmother and Dog(Luna) passed away. It was very sad but my friends and family helped me through it. Then the day after my birthday, I was taken to six flags. I concurred my fear and rode Acrophobia the 200 foot tall drop tower with my two best friends Lexi and Payton Smith. It's my new favorite ride. My other friend came but didn't want to do Acrophobia which was ok since we all still had a
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