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The Mirabal sisters fight for rights A journey is an act of traveling from one place to another, or an event that you went through to accomplish what you want. The Mirabal sisters were four sisters that made a great change in the Dominican Republic, and fought for what they believed in. They were living in a time where a very strong dictator was taking charge of their home country, Rafael Trujillo. This dictator didn't care about anyone but himself and made very unfair choices for the people in this country. The Mirabal sisters strictly opposed of the dictatorship of Rafael, Trujillo. The journey of these four women is a legacy of bravery and compassion to save lives of many people in their home country. Their identity was shaped by the journey and struggle they went through. They made a change in women's history after their death and accomplished bringing down Trujillo. The Mirabal sisters struggled in many ways through their…show more content…
Trujillo had a weakness for women and On November 25, 1990 the three sisters went on a trip to visit their husbands in jail. On their way back home Trujillo’s henchmen stopped them and all were brought to death. Trujillo's men put their bodies in the jeep, and threw the jeep down a mountain to make it seem an accident. After their death the dominicans couldn't stand his cruel ways no more and continued tyranny of the bloody regime . This murder meant the end of Trujillo's days as ruler. “ When the dictator Rafael Trujillo had the sisters Patria, Minerva and Maria Teresa Mirabal killed in 1960, he and his minions thought they were finally rid of a threat to both their power and their egos.”(Rohter, Larry, 1) This evidence shows Trujillo's days of living were over. He was assassinated six months later on May 30, 1961 by one of his associates he thought he had avenged the butterflies but that only brought death upon

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