Osmotic Potential In A Potato Lab Report

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Criterion B: Osmotic Potential in a Potato Introduction Context: The purpose of my scientific investigation is to investigate “the effects an epidermis has on the osmotic potential of a potato”. This is because, I have observed that a lot of food chains around the world choose to take the epidermis off the potato while soaking it in water. Whereas, other food chains choose to keep the epidermis on the potato while soaking it in water. The aim of the test is to determine which one of these practices is better for the food and which one will please the customer. This is a global issue because the popularity of these food chains is increasing, according to the franchisehelp (2015), fast food chains alone in America have a combined revenue…show more content…
Therefore, I expect the mass of the potato in the higher solute concentration to be lower than the potato which is in the lesser solute concentration. I also expect to see a point where the molarity of the solution will have no effect onto the mass of the potato, thus making it an isotonic solution. This is because, I know the potato is a semi permeable membrane and it will only allow certain biological molecules to pass through its cell membrane. If the two solutions consist of two different levels of concentration, separated by a semi-permeable membrane, then the solvent is expected to move from the less concentrated to the more concentrated solution. My prediction is testable because the problem I am trying to solve is in need to be solved and it is relevant to the topic of osmosis. My prediction is also testable because I can take measurements and then further make observation in order to see how my two variables (independent and dependent) function. Materials and Method Apparatus: • A Borosil beaker that will be used to keep water in. The beaker should be at least 1l in capacity. A Borosil beaker is a poor conductor of heat thus ensuring that there isn’t any heat

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