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Roger Erdvig Dr. Guevin SCI 143X 10/6/15 The Canada Lynx A wild cat can be found lurking through the woods and mountains, it has large paws and legs that help it move through the snow with ease and agility. The tufts of black fur on its ears help identify that the cat is a Canada Lynx. The average adult males weight about twenty-two pounds and are thirty-three and one half inches long and the average females weigh nineteen pounds. Parts of California, Colorado, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming are all places that you will be able to find the lynx (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service). The Canada Lynx was placed on the list of endangered species for the United States in 2000. The growth of forest harvesting has been pushing out the lynx, making it increasingly difficult to track and study these mysterious animals. Although there have been many recent efforts, there is still little data and research for scientists to study. Like many animals that are being threatened, these cats take particular and special environments to fully live and thrive. Like any wild animal,…show more content…
Because the lynx does not do well in warmer winters with less snowfall, they tend to migrate to areas in which it can better survive. This migration can pose threats to the lynx, especially if they are traveling over roads or through populated areas. Groups that are committed to ending global warming and protecting the environment are indirectly aiding the habitat conservation efforts of the Canada lynx. It is going to take more than just the efforts of conservation groups to protect this species. Individuals, businesses, State and Federal governments, and other groups will need to work together in order to continue the conservation process for the lynx (U.S. Fish & Wildlife

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