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“Alright, alright, alrightttttttt”, is not only my favorite quote, but one of many phrases coined by Kevin Hart that is taking mainstream media by storm. This particular phrase continues to press toward a spirit of laughter and joy. Even in times of sorrow this statement can make the saddest person laugh to tears. As I began to research this particular comedian I asked myself, why Kevin? What about Kevin Hart and his stand up comedy changes my mood or even brighten the darkest of days? What aspect of Kevin Hart forces millions of individuals into spending their hard earned money and time to support the works of this great comedian? What part of his acts makes us laugh? Are they actually funny or just so lame that they make us laugh? Kevin Hart has proven his…show more content…
Kevin and Torrei divorced in 2010 due to in irreconcilable differences and from this divorce the couple filed for joint custody. The two children Heaven Leigh and Hendrix are his driving force to his comedy. Most individuals would exclude their children from all stand up acts, but not Hart. He uses his children as major subjects because he says, if you can’t laugh at yourself no one else can. He’s also very comfortable in poking fun at his celebrity friends. Even through his many family struggles he still manages to let his humor bless someone else’s life. Although I’ve never met Kevin Hart personally by researching his life and studying his career craft I have come to the conclusion that his genuine heart and humorous life shows just how important it is to live a care free life. Yes he may struggle in his personal life, but he finds that there are many things around you that can change your aspect of a situation. Every situation doesn’t have to remain negative because there is always a positive light shining through; it’s just up to us to capture that positive moment. Make the best out of everything and laugh through the

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