John Gottman's The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work

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In recent times, unhappy married couples happen to be all around the society, in fact, it could be couples related to you, your friends, or even your work colleagues. Additionally, marriage divorce rates have been recently reported to be an all-time high which then begs the question, how can people improve on their marriage lives and thereby drastically reduce the chances of going separate ways? Perhaps more importantly, most people do not realize the repercussions and hurt that divorce causes for the people involved up until the after the signing of the divorce papers. With this in mind, John Gottman has done intense research on how people can potentially improve on their marriage lives and thus ultimately avoid future divorce scenarios in his book, “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.” Gottman goes further to insist that, marriages can not only work but also thrive. The first principle, “enhancing…show more content…
In fact, such a development ensures that couples are able to cope with any stressful situation that ensues from conflicts or misunderstanding. According to Gottman, once married couples get their first child, marital satisfaction drastically reduces for a large number of individuals. However, with a detailed love map, spouses can thus maneuver through such conflicts of their feelings because they substantially understand and respect their partners. Such upheavals can shake the foundation of a marriage, but as study shows couples who develop detailed love maps are better able to protect their marriages than those who do not have one. Through such developments before such problems, individuals already understand the feelings and thoughts of their partners which then ensures that couples do not lose their marital ways even as life shifts dramatically with each passing

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